Integrating our home into the environment has evolved into planting only vegetation that brings something to the table. We've enjoyed the process so much that we now offer that service to interested clients. Whether replacing the lawn with a maze of garden beds or weaving produce throughout the existing landscape, there are a variety of options to make your home productive.

Instead of placing ficus around the property, why not plant yuca? It's beautiful and delicious, both. Instead of ivy on the trellis, how about squash? It's beautiful and delicious, both.

Mango trees, longans, avocados, coconuts, bananas, mulberries, guava, oranges and limes and papaya, can all add to the beauty of your property and your dinner table.

Call for an appointment to begin transforming your landscape into a useful, beautiful and delicious landscape. Then let us know when you're ready to add a chicken coop. Those birds are both productive and entertaining!

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